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MED HERMES, society independent of seems with own activity of devoted search, is born in 2001  well soon solid reality is become, in the field of the search - production and marketing of the seeds from garden hybrid professional, competing in the markets of reference with direct activity and through distributing partner.

Human resources of different nationality, coming from the sector search and marketing, have given life to an international project independent from chemical and pharmaceutical groups.

Every choice of ours of marketing is finished with the objective to associate to our mark and our firm values as:

Quality of the product

The firm he is quickly internationalized and today besides strengthening the presence on the market Italy, activity graces of development and devoted investments, he is turning to the markets of the area EMEA and to other strategic areas in the world.

For the markets of Spain and Morocco we have activity of marketing and commercial direct with our team, for Morocco in 2012 one checked MED HERMES MAGHREB is created Sarl that has as focus the development of the local market and at the same time of the area of the Maghreb.



The business objective is





The search and the experimentation of international level it is developed by a team of geneticists of different nationalities that it operate inside the project MED HERMES between Spain and Italy

The activities of search are primarily addressed on five kinds to fruit:

Watermelon - Tomato - Pepper - Melon - Zucchini

All the business activities as the search and the production are directly taken care of in the various phases, from the qualified personnel with controls to the maximum levels of market both in field that in the laboratory.

The modern experimental station to Ragusa Italia from 2009 is contributing to the experimentation and the development of the new products making the project more competitive Med Hermes on the markets.

All the activities from the search to the experimentation guarantee the offer of new varieties of seeds to the maximum levels of the international market and in line with the specific demands of the producers and the consumers.