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Premium Range

A careful research and a costant experimentation made by Med Hermes Vegetable Seeds, have achieved the rediscovery of the ancient mediterranean flavors, making possible the creation of a Premium tomatoes range characterized by high organoleptic contents and nutritional elements (polyphenols, lycopene, sugars and so on)


/ Cocktail

Indeterminate cocktail tomato variety, ideal for cluster harvesting. The fruit is strong red and weights around 40 gr. (0,08 pounds). It has a high resistance against cracking as well as high shelf life(LSL). Baccus F1 is the new proposal for a true cocktail tomato within european market. Its mediterranean taste fits well for multiple recipes. Besides, the elegant clusters with garish sepals magnify the strong and shiny red surface of the fruit at the ripening. Lastly the plant is very rustic and covering. It has short internodes, it is highly productive and it adapts with success to long cycle and transplants in autumn and winter in the mediterranean area.

Cycle: Middle-earling maturing.

Recommended transplants: Contact us to the address to access more concerning information.

HR: ToMV; Vd; Fol 1.




/ Cherry

Variety of cherry tomatoes of the "premium range" of high taste, suitable to be harvested as a single-fruit red, both in bunches or portions of it. The plant has an indeterminate growth, it is very rustic, medium-vigorous with short trunk space and it is very well suited for long-cycle cultivation. Flowering and fruit set are abundant, continuous and constant even in the last stages. The intense red fruits acquires brilliance when fully ripe. The caliber is about 28-30 mm, with an average weight of 14-16 g. The crunchy epicarp gives the berries a good resistance to cracking phenomena and therefore a high shelf life in post harvest (LSL). Its excellent taste is due to the high value of Brix (minimum 9 even in winter) and the mix of aromatic substances, as well as antioxidants, that give it a particular fruity taste.

Cycle: Avarage unripe
HR: ToMV; Pst, Fol 0.
IR: TYLCV; Ma, Mi, Mj



/ Cocktail Pera

Variety of table tomato with undetermined growth ideal for growing in greenhouses or under the net. Type Mini plum or Pear cocktail. Bunch in herringbone pattern of 12-14 fruits of 40g of intense red color.  The rachis is very often with an elegant and compact bunch. The fruits enjoy high shelf life both on the plant (it does not suffer from cracks and apical rot) and in post harvest (Long Shelf Life at the highest market levels). The plant is very rustic, strong, opaque and with a short trunk space. It is adapted to the different types of soil and temperature of cultivation, by resisting properly to the high summer temperatures and the main adversities.

Cycle: Avarage unripe
HR: ToMV 0,1,2  Vd:0 /  Fol: 0,1,2;



/ Cantaloupe melon

Variety of green-skinned melon and salmon flesh for a early transplantation. The shape of the fruit is round-oval, with an average weight of about 1.2 - 1.4 kg. The pulp is solid with a very crunchy salmon color and a fruity taste. The sugar level is very high even when the plant is grafted and it gives to the fruit a very pleasant taste. The internal cavity is small and solid. Post-harvest storage stands at the highest market levels (LSL). The combination of these peculiar characteristics makes this variety be unique. The plant is very rustic and it is adapted both to different climates of cultivation, especially in the early transplantation. It resists properly to the main adversities, above all against the oidium. Flowering is abundant even in difficult conditions with abundant fruit step.


Cycle: Unripe

HR: Fom 0, 1, 2

IR: Px



/ Cherry

Variety of table tomato with undetermined growth ideal for growing up in greenhouses or under the net. Type of cherry with a herringbone bunch of minimum 14-16 fruits, weighing 10-12gg and 25-28mm caliber of intense red color, the rachis is very thick and it gives to the bunch elegance and compactness. The fruits, of medium-small size, are characterized by their excellent flavor and high sugar level with a minimum of 9 ° Brix throughout the growing cycle. Although it has a cherry flavor, the fruits have a good resistance to cracking and it has an excellent post-harvest shelf life (Long Shelf Life at the highest market levels). The plant is very rustic, strong, opaque and with a very short trunk space. It resists properly to high temperature exposures and it is adapted to different types of soil.

Cycle: Avarage unripe
HR: ToMV: 0, 1, 2 / For / Fol: 0,1 / Pst
IR: TYLCv / Ma, Mi, Mj