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We present our Best Melon supply chain project with Dafne F1 melon
Tuesday, 09 February 2021

We present our Best Melon supply chain project with Dafne F1 melon

Med Hermes presents DAFNE melon


Med Hermes, which specialises in Mediterranean tomato varieties, has presented an innovative new melon: DAFNE. The green-skinned netted melon has already encountered great success on Italian markets due to its high Brix content (15-18) combined with a strong aroma and lasting aftertaste. DAFNE also offers excellent shelf life (at least seven days postharvest). The ‘100% Made in Med’ controlled supply chain project, from seed to fruit, aims to offer European consumers the same guaranteed level of premium product for at least four months a year. Commercial manager Andrea Restuccia said, “The project involves early cultivation in protected greenhouse-tunnel environments in Italy and Spain, while our blog offers news related to the world of melon, scientific information on the health benefits of consuming melon, creative ideas for how to consume melons and dedicated forums for exchanging information between users.” RW

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In addition to countless other attributes, the new varieties for 2021 will have two things in common: great taste and organoleptic quality.


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